Your support improves healthcare access for women on the Outer Cape.

Coronavirus poses a grave threat to HOW’s clients — most of whom are over 60 and many of whom have compromised immune systems. Together, we can get them the services and care they need.

Please make your gift today. Thank you!

Holly can’t work because the pandemic has shuttered Jakson’s daycare center. She’s grateful for your help!

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With the gift you make today you’ll continue to help Holly and HOW’s more than 240 other clients by providing transportation to healthcare appointments … access to our food and personal products pantry … and financial assistance with rent, utilities, and other basic needs.

Most of HOW’s clients are over 60 years old. Many have chronic health conditions that compromise their immune systems. Both of these risk factors make them especially vulnerable to the coronavirus.
But the women we serve aren’t facing these challenging times alone. They have HOW. And they have you!

Thank you for your partnership, kindness, and generosity!

Because of YOU and your support, HOW helps women face these healthcare challenges!

Holly’s Story

One of HOW’s clients is Holly. She’s a single mom who receives disability income and holds a part-time job. Because of Holly’s chronic health condition, a coronavirus infection would pose a grave risk. And even though her employer remains open as an essential service, she can no longer work because the childcare center in Provincetown that her son Jakson attends is closed.
Thanks to your generosity, Holly can supplement the meals she prepares for her and Jakson with items from our food pantry. HOW is also providing referrals to agencies that can connect her to additional benefit programs. And because of you, Holly can focus on taking care of her health and her son — rather than worrying about how she’ll pay her bills or afford groceries.

Holly recently told me how grateful she is for the support she’s received — and for the generosity of our community, including you!

“When you’re used to being the helper, it’s hard to ask for help, but when you have a child you have to swallow your pride. Thankfully HOW helped me with diapers for Jakson and my cellphone bill.”

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Meet Joachim

Owner of the Patio American Grill — our choice for Outstanding Business Philanthropist!

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Meet Irma

“I’m very fortunate to be able to support organizations dedicated to the causes I believe in, where my gifts will make a difference.”

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