Silvia’s Story

Life can be very stressful and it makes a difference to know that I’m not alone. 

Silvia has lived in Provincetown since 1972. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Silvia joined the HOW community. Before the pandemic, Silvia had eye surgery in Boston and continues to receive ongoing vision treatment. We continue to provide her transportation and supports. 

HOW has helped me a great deal over the years. When I had breast cancer I had support of my family but HOW gave me different support here in Provincetown. I was in treatment at Cape Cod Healthcare in Hyannis and HOW helped by giving me transportation, financial help with my bills, and with the cancer support group only for women. Some of the women died and I survived and I still rely on HOW. 

Just to know that HOW is there when I need it helps a lot. Before the pandemic HOW helped with transportation to Boston for eye surgery and follow-up appointments. And during the pandemic even though the office was closed we could meet outside or by phone.  If I get a bill that I don’t understand or something from the government, I can always come here and get help from you…and just to know that is a relief. 

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