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The pandemic continues to take a toll on HOW’s clients, most of whom live with illnesses that make them more vulnerable to COVID-19. Together, we can get them the services, care, and connection they need.

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Rossi, a cancer survivor, is getting the support she needs with her physical therapy and grief support. She’s grateful to HOW — and caring people like you!

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Rossi’s Story

Rossi is a Provincetown resident who came to HOW in 2019 after recuperating from treatment for breast cancer and reconstructive surgery. We’ve provided her with a monthly stipend to help with expenses associated with living with her chronic health condition. She’s also relied on our personal products and food pantry. This year, we’ve driven Rossi to her physical therapy appointments in Orleans and provided one-on-one support as she grieves the loss of her mother, who died in May. Last month, Rossi shared with me how grateful she is to HOW:

“Without the rides from HOW, I would have to pay $65 for a taxi ride to Orleans or take the bus, which would mean that I would be riding 2-3 hours to go to my 45-minute appointment …

Thanks to HOW, I feel less alone in my recovery from breast cancer … And now, as I grieve my mother’s death, I know the HOW community is there to support me.”

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“I’m very fortunate to be able to support organizations dedicated to the causes I believe in, where my gifts will make a difference.”

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