Client Stories

The women we serve come from a diverse range of life experiences, yet each one has a unique story and healthcare journey. Read on for more insight into the lives of the women at the heart of the HOW community.

Your Gift Doubled

Through December 31st! Thanks to $20,000 in matching funds, every $1 you give become $2 to help women like Judy through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

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Grace’s Story

Suddenly, out of nowhere, I found a nodule on my breast. HOW was there for me when I really needed it and I still need it.

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Janine’s Story

HOW helped Janine connect with a new housing voucher program for disabled people under 60 so now her disability income can go further to meet everyday living expenses.

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Sophia’s Story

Navigating the challenges of a serious health care diagnosis like cancer, Sophia turned to HOW for help.

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