Judy’s Story

“I’m more anxious than the average person, and now it’s even greater because I’ve been at home alone for so long.  I can’t imagine HOW not being there for me.”  

Judy came to HOW in 2017 for help recuperating from a hip replacement.  When she received a breast cancer diagnosis the next year, HOW provided rides to hospitals in Boston and Hyannis for medical appointments.  

Judy is cancer-free today, but her treatments have weakened her immune system, so she’s been extra careful to reduce her risk of exposure to COVID-19.  The resulting isolation has been a challenge:  

To help Judy feel more at peace and connected, HOW gave her a free tablet and internet access.  HOW rolled out our Tablet Program this year, thanks to donor generosity — and it has made a world of difference for Judy.  She recently shared how much it’s enhanced her life:  

“I don’t have a working computer right now, so the tablet has changed my life.  I use it to reach out to people, including my doctors.  I can find resources to keep me busy and entertained. It’s just so easy to use.” 

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