HOW 30th Birthday

Gwynne and Jayne thanking our sponsors!
October light
Joy McNulty, In The House!…the one and only
Kristen Becker telling tall tales with Mackenzie
Bubalas THE party place!
Julie Britt, Pam Drolsbaugh, Jayne Carvelli-Sheehan, Lourdes Rodriguez-Nogues, Gwynne (ED), Mia Cliggott-Perlt, Marrianne Thomas, Madeleine Larson (missing: Susan Kurtzman, Joachim Sandbichler)
Mia Cliggott Perlt & Madeleine Larson with Marybeth Petri and Catherine
Wharf Shot
Mackenzie and Marianne Thomas
Jayne’s Posse
Looking in on the fun
David Bowd and Kevin O’Shea
Gwynne, leading us with love into the next 30 years!
Party crowd shot thru art work
Mackenzie SPLIT!
Kathleen with friend & Max Cliggott-Perlt and friends laughing at Kristen Becker’s set
Mackenzie & Marianne Thomas and Katie Wibby
Marianne Agresti and husband
Ruth, Louse, Marianne
Kristen & Mackenzie our MCs of the night!
Mia Cliggott-Perlt with Doug & Annemette
Mackenzie, again…naturally
Lourdes, Annemette, and groovy guy, Thaddeus Soule
harbor shot
Lourdes Rodriguez-Nogues & Diane Sidorowicz
Party-goers watching video
Lennie Alickman and friend
Jayne and friend
Memorabilia Collage
Kathleen Harrigan and Friends — retired teachers know how to party!
Silvia Newman
Lourdes & Annemette
Kristen, Mackenzi, and DJ Sam Sewell
Sally Deane, Lennie Kleinberg, and Barbara Mandelkorn
High Bidders!! Thanks Marianne, Jayne & Diane
Jayne & friend with Marybeth Petri
Jayne Carvelli-Sheehan and friend
Mackenzie WOWs our party goers!
Mackenzie dancing behind Lennie who thinks she’s only dancing with Gwynne
Gwynne & Susan Talhouk – Pilgrim Trot 5K Organizer
Gwynne and Catherine
Barbara Mandelkorn, Lennie Kleinberg & Gwynne
Elizabeth Larson, Lennie Alickman & Courtney Poignand
Kathleen Larson, Gwynne, Madeleine Larson — Nauset High ’84 & 2013
Gwynne and Jayne thanking our sponsors!
Elizabeth Larson
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