Meet Sue

Sue’s Story of Joining the HOW Community: 

In 2002, I had a patient that needed help in obtaining housing, health insurance, transportation to medical appointments up Cape and in Boston, as well as emotional support. In the span of a 15-minute appointment, I only had time to focus on her immediate health concerns. 

 I called Helping Our Women and Irene Rabinowitz (former HOW Executive Director) came to the clinic and brought my patient to the HOW office. With Irene’s assistance, my patient got help for all those important needs. 

The next week I saw my patient in the clinic. She walked in to my office with her head held high and shoulders back, as she now had a caring and supportive friend at HOW.  

 It was then that I decided to give back to HOW, because of their advocacy and support of my patients. I felt that I wanted to be part of the HOW community and work with Irene, as she had answered my panicked phone call that day. 

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