Art from the Heart

Art from the Heart is a grass-roots fundraiser launched by Provincetown artists to benefit local nonprofits — and HOW is the 2020 beneficiary. Over 50 artists have transformed old cigar boxes into art which is on display and for sale at The Provincetown Commons from November 2-30. You are welcome to view in-person using safety protocols, including mask and social distance in the gallery.

Below, we have pictures of all the boxes and the white arrows indicate a box has multiple pictures to view. Please note that we have included information for boxes that have sold, but this information is updated periodically so call The Commons to confirm availability. 

To Purchase a box, please call to confirm availability, then make an on-line donation noting the name of the artist in the donation form.

Lone Dory

Joanette Egeli

Oil, $350


Cynthia Gilman

Mixed Media, $300

Great Island Sunset

Peter Hocking

Oil, $500 SOLD

Cape Cod Junk Drawer #13

Eric Beck

  Assemblage, $400 SOLD


Jo Hay

  Oil, $450 


Paul Rizzo

Acrylic and Mixed Media, $300

She Will Always Have a Chair

Cherie Mittenthal

Encaustic & Oil, $500

Treasure Box

Helen Grimm

Mixed Media, $200


Christopher Wilcox

Copper, sterling silver, bronze, ammonia, salt, nails, epoxy, wood, $420

(image coming soon)

Remains of Humanity

Thor Jensen

Concrete, clay, wood, metal, enamel, $375

Washed Ashore

Sandy Deacon

Found Objects,  $350 

Race Point

Joe Trepiccone

Watercolor on paper, $300


Karen Ojala


Te Amo

Mark Adams

Pencil & Acrylic, $500

Fans with Three Stars

James Ryan

Acrylic, $200

Black Lives Matter

Pasquale Natale

Fabric, Paint, Wax  $500 

Liz’s Dahlias

Jen Rumpsa

Acrylic, $200

Wood End Light

Patricia Zur

Acrylic on Wood, $200

Buoys At Poor Richard’s Landing

Diane Stafford

Acrylic,  $200  SOLD

Skull #2 (2020)

Thom Markee

Acrylic, $375

Tunisian Crab

Bill Meves

Paper & Ink, $350

Zuni Bear

Mallory White

Acrylic, $250

When An Enso Isn’t Enough

Dermot Meagher

Sumi ink and Gansai, $150


Matthew Capaldo

Oil on Canvas, $250

Blue Harbor

Sophia Reznick

Oil, $400

Dream Box

Robert M. Adamcik

Mixed Media, $400

Daylight and a Candle End

Grace Freundlich

Acrylic, $350

Figure with Still Life

Jerome Greene

Oil, $400 SOLD

Favourite Beaches

Maria Negelescu

Oil & Glass, $400


Jody Johnson

Mixed Media, $300

Twin Shacks

Kathy Cotter

Oil, $350


Sophia Reznick

Oil and Mixed Media, $500

Jade Jewel Treasures Box

Arlene Weston

Mixed Media, $250

Sea Treasures

Lennie Alickman

Acrylic, $250

Oil and Water

Steve Bowersock

Oil & Acrylic, $500


Laurence Young

Oil, $200

Peg’s Dune Shack 

Jim Broussard

Oil, $300 SOLD

Old Provincetown Beaches Tea Box

Arlene Weston

Mixed Media, $225 SOLD

Dunes on a Summer Day

Catherine Skowron

Oil on wood, $350 SOLD

Flowers for a Queen

Liz Carney

$300 SOLD

Little Cottages In A Row

Bob Ross

  Oil, $250 SOLD

BOHO Tomatoes

Andrea Sawyer

Oil on board, $350 SOLD

Ptown Sunset

Jeff Fresenius

Oil, $200 SOLD

Low Tide Lesson

Kathy Meyers

Mixed Media  $500 SOLD

Pen Pals

Donna Pomponio

Oil, $400 SOLD

Tulips for HOW

Jill Rothenberg-Simmons

Oil, $300 SOLD


Christopher Sousa

  Oil, Collage, Found Objects, $500 SOLD

Horse w/Wings

T.J. Walton

Mixed Media, $500 SOLD


Michael Prodanou

Oil, $300 SOLD

Kamala Victory

Valerie Isaacs

Sharpie on Cigar Box, $200 SOLD

Are You A Girl, Or Are You A Boy?

Dermot Meagher

Sumi ink and Gansai, $100 SOLD


John Clayton

Oil, $500 SOLD


Marian Roth

Gouache, $100 SOLD

The Last Unicorn Boy

Timothy Paquette

Oil, $300 SOLD

Stash Box

Jill Rothenberg-Simmons

Oil, $50 SOLD

Barbara’s Farm Stand

Barbara E. Cohen

Gouache, $350 SOLD


Robena Malicoat

Watercolor, $500 SOLD


Michael Gredler

Oil, $200 SOLD

Joyous Tulips

Mary DeAngelis

Acrylic, Ink, & Satin, $50 SOLD


Karen Cappotto

Collage, $250 SOLD

Dutch Masters In Quarantine

Michael Costello

Oil, $250 SOLD

As The Gulls Fly

Shirl Roccapriore

Acrylic and Enamel, $300 SOLD


Richard Pepitone

Acrylic, Wood, Monoprint, $200 SOLD

Great Island Trail

Peter Hocking

Oil, $500 SOLD

Recipe Box


Mixed Media, $200 SOLD

Autumn Equinox

Dermot Meagher

Sumi ink and Gansai, $250 SOLD


James Balla

Oil, $300 SOLD

The Magic of Beech Forest

Daniel Wagner

Mixed Media, $200 SOLD

Dunescape with Monument

Jim Broussard

Oil, $300 SOLD

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